Too Much Oil in Your Car Engine?


You changed your engine oil and you added too much oil?

What happens when you add too much oil in your car engine?

  • You should never overfill the engine with oil
  • Over filling an engine with oil can cause it too “foam” the oil
  • It can create a drop in oil pressure and a loss of lubrication to critical motor parts
  • Also, too much oil may cause leaks as the extra oil is forced past seals and gaskets.

If you go past the fill level you open yourself to numerous sorts of things. The engineers calculated that maximum level line. The pan has baffles that are designed around the normal oil level. When you go above that you create all kinds of splash and foaming that’s not normal. Nothing good can come from overfilling.

When a car is started, motor parts like the cylinders create fiction in the engine. As the auto’s speed is higher, the cylinders work harder to pump oil all through the engine. Engine oil makes a slippery covering of oil with the intention that the moving parts can move all the more smoothly. Without the oil, the contact in the moving parts of the engine is incredibly bargained and the compression is diminished, bringing about the failure to arrive at optimal levels of speed and performance.

Here is an example of an overfilled engine. It should not go past the maximum indicator.


Now what should I do if I added too much oil in my car?

  • Empty out the exceeding amount promptly

To remove the excess oil, loosen the drain plug a bit, let some flow out, and put it back in. Let it drain into a clean container, so if you drain too much out, you can add some back in.

  • Make sure it doesn’t exceed the “maximum” fill up line


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  • Peter S

    Interesting, I never thought it was matter putting a little bit over the “maximum line”.. But yea. It make sense after all.. It is designed by engineers so everything must be calculated to work correctly. Next time I’ll be more vigilant :)

  • Darkwingcluck

    Very good information. It is NEVER good to put too much oil. As you said, too many vital parts will be ruined if you do this. It is never good to overfill ANYTHING in your car as it will add too much pressure.